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OffShore Supermarket

OffShore Supermarket is a research UK based company, empowering users to compare legal and offshore service quality, order and review anonymously.

OffShoreSupermarket’s research platform enables trusted Offshore service providers to promote their services and also aggregates reviews of their existing customers on the basis of service quality, price and professionalism throughout the world.

The website is:

London House Prices

LondonHousePrice goal is to inform people who work, live or would like to come to London about the insanity and the problems created by such high house prices and who is really having benefit out of it.

The website is:


What are the best technology for data storing, processing and visualization?

IBM DB2 is a cost effective, reliable database that can be used for every kind of application (OLTP, OLAP, ect.).

The Big Data revolution is coming!

Financial Investment

How to make mony from the stock market?

Simple, the market always does the opposit of what most people think. You should always use higly liquid ETF (such as SPY) with low spread and use a broker that has low commission and show real time prices. Strategy is to trade no more than a few times per month with no less than 50000$, be able to go long and short but with short trades, intraday most of the time but no longer than one week. Be prepared to close a trade at loss if there is a better one coming!